Your Spiritual Home Is Everywhere

One of the most important things that Christians need to remember is that God is everywhere. We really can experience God’s love and God’s presence in any location. While it is important to go to church for the sake of community and strengthening your relationship with God, you are still going to be spending most of your life outside of church and outside of the confines of this spiritual haven. You need to be able to make your home environment spiritual, wherever that home environment happens to be.

If you’re temporarily away from your childhood home when you are at college, for instance, there are plenty of ways to bring spirituality into your immediate surroundings. Obviously, you should have a Bible and a cross in your home away from home. The cross or collection of crosses should be displayed prominently, allowing you to always receive something of a visual reminder of your beliefs from many different angles. It’s also a good idea to make sure that you have a Bible that you can consult with whenever necessary.

It is true that today people can easily look up Bible verses online, which is going to make it that much easier for people to get all the information that they need with regards to what is really in the Good Book. However, it is still difficult to match the quiet dignity of a real Bible, and having an ornate, leather-bound illustrated Bible makes a more powerful statement than an Internet history that indicates that you go to certain websites and not others. Having a mighty volume like this on hand can make a huge difference.

However, there are plenty of other works that Christians can consult. Plenty of great religious writers have thrown their voices into the world, giving other believers a unique perspective on the faith. It is a good idea to have volumes like these on hand as well. You can consult them during your darkest moments. Plenty of Christian writers can bring a modern perspective to a lot of these issues, and their perspectives can make all the difference for you.

I always try to keep Christian music on hand as well. Music has always been magical in its ability to make you experience certain emotions. There is a reason why nearly all religions will use music in order to establish the right moods. You can access plenty of songs online as well, so you will certainly have your pick of fantastic Christian music. Of course, you will make your home that much more spiritual if you have a good place to pray, especially if you establish that it is a place to pray in some way. The rituals will help, and so will the reinforcement.