Trying Times

In this period of worldly uncertainty, I always find the time to turn to God. Now I have found the time to come back to this blog for a while as well. Indeed such a time befell us, many will say we are seeing clear signs of the End of Times. The Apocalypse. We see war, famine, pestilence, diseases. We see earthquakes, false preachers, and decadence. We see people straying from the one true path in ever-increasing numbers. It seems the seals are beginning to crack open.

It sounds very scary, I know. Until very recently we believed we would be allowed to linger in our earthly comforts for at least a while longer. Now we are all facing the prospects of the imminent end. And it’s scary, I know. I understand. After all, we are mere sinners, afraid of the great unknown. Afraid of God, as we should be. And don’t take my word for it as a believer – even most scientists agree we are at the brink of a climate apocalypse. The way people live, but especially certain groups of people whose actions have a larger effect on us as a whole, is leading up to this.

So it has all come down to this, but there is no need for panic. On the contrary. There has never been a better time to turn back to God. We must learn to heed His word now more than ever. Recent events must not let us down, on the contrary – we must lift our eyes to see the truth. We must be stronger than ever, we must learn how to raise our spirits and prepare for this. This is why caring for each other and our collective, as well as individual well-being, is becoming ever so important. We must lend a helping hand to all our loved ones and help them through this tough period, and simply be there for them.

Speaking of which, it’s about time I did something about my own well-being too. This topic gets me worked up easily. I get so nervous when I talk about this. I need to take a shower now. I have recently acquired a gas water heater via, which is much more efficient at heating up water. I have access to natural gas where I live now anyway, so it doesn’t cost a lot either. And plus, it’s good for the environment, since I was already talking about scientists’ concern about us ruining the environment. I’m off to take that shower now.