“Though the waves toss, yet they cannot prevail”

I wanted to go to the seashore and sit in the sand and contemplate the Lord. I wanted to be in a natural setting conducive to spiritual experiences. It was a two-hour drive but worth it as most of the coastal route is quite scenic. When I got there it was sun up time and the sky was just beautiful. I sat quietly for hours enjoying the peace and quiet. After a while other people started to join me and they were preparing their inflatable kayaks to ride the waves. I watched them in fascination. I wished I had thought of this. I could have borrowed or rented one. It looked like great fun and something new for me. I seldom actually go in the water on these trips.

The time flew by and my spiritual retreat was about over. It was getting to be sunset now. This is the most wonderful time of day. I owed it to myself to go out on the water. It was a sudden revelation; but as mentioned, I had no kayak. One of the others on the beach saw my disappointment and said that he had had enough for the day. “Would you like to borrow my kayak,” he asked. I accepted graciously. These inflatable kayaks are so easy to use and I jumped at the chance. I carried it the few feet to the water and got in and paddled away to get farther out where the waves just start to crest. I was in heaven, God’s territory. Now there were just a few souls in the ocean with me and we waved in greeting. I didn’t need to be alone, but it would have been nice. I sat out beyond the waves for a while and lay back in the kayak to contemplate the darkening sky. The pink spread of color across the horizon was inspirational.

Then I got down to business as it was getting late. This is a popular activity in South Carolina and a few more people joined us on the water. I paddled toward shore and tried to catch a nice wave. They were gentle enough and posed no threat. I easily made my way to land. I turned right around and paddled out deep into the water once again. I said five times and I’m done. The day was drawing to a close and I was so relaxed and comfortable. I went to return the kayak to its owner and surprisingly, he said I could keep it. He had three and this one was the oldest. I now faced the long drive home. No matter. I had enjoyed the day thoroughly and vowed to do it soon again. I deflated the kayak, which only takes a few minutes, carried it to the car, and stowed it in the trunk. It would return it to a hiding place in the garage once home. It will be ready for the next water spiritual adventure.