The Eternal Power of Prayer

Spiritual people know that there really is nothing like praying. You manage to feel so much better about yourself and the world before and after you start praying. When you pray, you are literally setting aside some time to actually communicate with God. You are carving out a point in your day when your relationship with God is really the only thing that matters, which is not something that a lot of modern people are able to do very much these days.

We spend a huge portion of our lives concerned with the mundane aspects of life in this world that it is often difficult for us to really concentrate on the next world and our next lives. Our relationship with God and our futures in Heaven tend to be the sorts of things that we put on the proverbial ‘to-do’ list over and over again, year after year. It’s understandable. The modern world is full of both virtues and vices, of temptations and responsibilities. Navigating all of that while still adhering to our higher purpose as human beings is very difficult for even the most talented and faithful of people.

As such, it is even more important for modern people to remember to pray. We need to make sure that we work daily prayer into our lives if we want to make sure that the most important relationship in our lives is a stable one. No matter how often you have to work, you need to make sure that you spend time with your friends and family or you are not going to have a solid relationship with them. Your relationship with God is very similar. Prayer is the way that you interact with God in the first place, although you will experience God’s love in many different ways throughout your life.

Of course, the power of prayer is not just about you and your own relationship with God. It is also a matter of your responsibility as a Christian in many ways. God has the power to fix the world. He often doesn’t because people do not come to Him. People do not call on Him in order to address the global concerns that are plaguing all of society as we speak. More and more people are turning away from God these days, and this sacred connection is darkening all the time. It is more important than ever for Christians to use this tremendous power that we have, calling on Him to make a difference in the areas where mankind has demonstrably failed.