Every Little Bit Helps

I belief I should dedicate my life to good works. Everyone has an obligation to give back to the community large or small—or in some way to the world. You have to seek opportunities to do so and make charitable work a large part of your life. There is nothing that gives you more personal satisfaction. I urge everyone to listen to their heart (with a stethoscope if necessary, and shortly you will see why this is apropos). Each one of us has a calling to help others be it an institution or organization or group of people in need. When I am asked, I am the first in line to volunteer.

Yes, that’s me. As a case in point, I recently volunteered at a carnival that had as one of its main purposes to raise money for a free clinic in the neighborhood. We wanted to thank the clinic for the local work they do and thought a carnival would be ideal as it would attract neighborhood denizens young and old. It is a simple way to find some extra funds for a worthy institution because you can make a profit for very little cash up front. You can get someone or local businesses to support the enterprise and pay for the rentals of the booths and the part-time help. You need kid’s events like games for prizes, food for the passersby, and all sorts of random amusements so people will spend their time—and eventually their money. The carnival was organized for so that enough money would be available to distribute new stethoscopes for doctors at the local clinic. As everyone knows, these are the tools of the medical trade and they do wear out. Good ones can be purchased for a decent price that include all the regular features for the physical assessment and monitoring of patients.

As far as I know, the classic model was selected for value and reliability. It has a sing-sided chestpiece that I heart is designed for easier grip and maneuvering. As in all stethoscopes, it is a tunable diaphragm. Hear high or low frequency sounds by slightly adjusting pressure on the chestpiece. The device also features soft-sealing eartips provide an excellent acoustic seal and comfortable fit. So the staff should be pretty pleased with their new acquisitions to listen to heart sounds. This tool is so important that it is often the first thing used during a preliminary medical examination. There isn’t a doctor or nurse who isn’t wearing this tubular implement around their neck.

I hope the carnival will generate enough revenue to fund the stethoscopes. Every little bit helps and I do believe that some local people will make up the difference if we fall short. The carnival will be a great public relations event to draw attention to the good work of the clinic. It will remind people of the good works happening in their midst. I am pleased to participate in something worthwhile for this month’s personal public contribution. I look forward to any and all such ventures.