Being With Fellow Believers

It is true that people in the Baptist faith place a great deal of emphasis on one’s personal faith in God. However, your personal relationship with God is only going to feel that much stronger when you are able to bond with your fellow believers. Feeling like the lone Christian in a room full of atheists is never pleasant.

As atheism becomes more common and the moderate religious believers either become strong believers or strong nonbelievers, this feeling is only going to get that much more common for people of faith. We will be in rooms full of people who think exactly like us, or we will be trying to maintain our beliefs while surrounded by individuals who think in an entirely different way. I’m secure in my beliefs, but I still do prefer to spend time with the people who will validate them all the time.

Getting the support of a Christian community is one of the great joys of being a person of faith in the first place. You can be with people who share all of your values and who want the same things out of life. They will have the same basis for their morality as you, so you will not get the strange disconnect that you will sometimes get with other people who are outside the faith. The benefits of being with other people of faith really cannot be overstated.

Fortunately, these people are easy to find. Christians have always been very good at organizing. We have been great at finding one another, and we have been skilled at spreading the word of God to other people. We will only continue to be more skilled at that as time goes on and we have the tools of modern technology at our disposal.

The people who are worried that our communities are shrinking should not be concerned. The people who are moving to atheism are the people who never really believed in God all that strongly to begin with, so there really wasn’t all that much to lose. These people were probably never really part of our Christian communities, and they never had to compromise on any of their beloved friendships with other people in order to embrace secularism. There are plenty of devout Baptists out there and plenty of other devout Christians. You will always be able to find lots of other believers in almost any area throughout the United States.